Cloud hosting

It's Time to Start Your CLOUD Journey

Saponyx provides a value added ,cost effective, optimised and scalable hosting services on SQL & HANA.

MS-SQL Cloud Hosting

We’ve already migrated over many enterprises to the cloud, handling both Microsoft SQL databases. Our years of experience with SAP Business One and cloud expertise are at your disposal to make the transformation painless and swift.

sap hana database b1
SAP HANA Cloud Hosting

Process and analyze data faster than ever with SAP® HANA®an in-memory database and application development platform. As part of our commitment to provide industry-leading support for our customers, we’re providing services for SAP HANA Hosting.

Get Control

With our Cloud service, you’re in control. You can run your SAP Business One operations flawlessly. We also provide the add-on functionality to meet any special requirements. The greatest benefit is that we’re here to look after the infrastructure for you.

You control the cost, too. You’ll pay only for the subscriptions that you choose, on a monthly basis, and you can cancel at your choice. There’s no upfront investment, no payments to support system IT, and no extra charges.

What You Get

When you use our cloud hosting, you can add as much compute power as you need, and then wind it down again when the surge passes, because you’ll only pay for the services you use. There are no limits on traffic or data, and we ensure that every user can access the resources they need in an optimal environment.  You get fully-managed services, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We take care of system updates, maintenance procedures, security backups, and threat management, so that you can focus on growing your business.